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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Langton's Small Merchant with Scratchbuilt Masts & Sails

A while back I ordered one of Langton's small merchant ships from Waterloo Minis. I wanted the full studding sail set but all Rob Eubanks had in stock was the easy sail courses furled. So I said OK, send it and I'll scratchbuild the rest of the sails. In the same order I also got a 24 gun sloop of war without a sail set.

After fitting the masts that came with the merchant to the sloop to see how they looked, I decided to save the brass easy sail set and masts for the sloop and scratchbuild masts and sails for the merchant.

I will be going back to work for two weeks tomorrow so I won't be able to finish until I get back, but here is what I've got done so far.

Making the brass sails:

 I cut up the ratline mesh and glue to the sails
 Glue on the spars

 The spanker
 The scratch masts. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the construction
 Mast close up
 Masts and full sails on
 Standing rigging

Still to do: Put on the spar extensions for the studding sails and the royals. Then finish the rigging, and of course the base.


Telzy said...

You write:
Making the brass sails

What material is the brass sails? I'm sure it's thin brass but where do you get it? What thickness?

I cut up the ratline mesh and glue to the sails

What are you using for ratlines?

If you wouldn't mind could you drop me a line with the answer to those two questions?

zonker5001 at

Beautiful models. Wish I could do half so well

Vol Williams said...

Thanks for the comment. I sent you an e-mail with answers to your questions.