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Friday, January 3, 2014

1:1200 Island Frenzy

Back in September I was trying to decide what to work on next. I was just sitting in my chair in the shop and my wandering eyes stopped on the stack of Styrofoam in the corner. I grabbed a few pieces and glued them together.

The next day I drew some basic lines on the stack.

Then I sort of forgot about it for the next couple of months while I was building ships. In early December I got out the hot knife and roughed out a few shapes and gave them a spray coat of paint then forgot about them again while I built another ship.

Over the last couple of days I finished them. I also added an additional island with Martello tower, signal station, and gun emplacement.

Here are the individual islands:
The little island

The Big Island

I call this one Boot Island

This one is Cave Island

And finally the fortified island


And some more scenic shots

So I have accomplished my self required annual terrain piece, albeit a few days late for 2013. I don't know what the 2014 piece will be, but hey, I have all year to think of something! Now.....back to the shipyard!


El Grego said...

Like those a lot. Making some islands is definitely on my list for this year.

Vol Williams said...

Thanks. The tall ones should make for some interesting wind shadow situations.

tidders said...

Lovely islands; like the wave affects round them.

I've done some work on 1/1200 coastal modules and islands - you may like to take a look,

A port for ships:

Some of my islands:

-- Allan