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Monday, September 15, 2014

GHQ 22 Gun Post Ship HMS Laurel

Here is a 22 gun ship from GHQ. It can be modeled either as a sloop of war or a 6th rate post ship. The HMS Laurel was a post ship and this is the name I picked for the model. The Laurel carried 22 nine pounders on her upper gun deck. The model has no guns on the forecastle or quarterdeck, another reason I picked the Laurel.

Comparison shot with Davco HMS Temeraire and GHQ 18 gun brig Raven


El Grego said...

Beautiful - really like that island also.

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Thanks. This is one of the islands I made over the holidays last January in the post "1/1200 Island Frenzy".

History PhD said...

The longboats in tow are a really nice touch!

JTW said...

Beautiful work Vol, and I like the color choices a lot.

Looks like you added the hammock netting, no? What did you use? It looks great.

- James

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Thanks James. I assume you are asking about the ratlines? I used a smaller mesh than I normally use. If you remember the photo I posted a while back on TMP of the 3 different meshes I have used, it is the smallest one. I think I have it posted here as well over on my 1/1200 ship pages. What are you working on now?

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Oh sorry James, you said hammock netting. It is the finished edge of the ratline mesh.