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Saturday, February 7, 2015

98 Gun 2nd Rate Model Comparisons

A friend recently asked me on The Miniatures Page how the GHQ 98 gun ship compared with the Langton 98 gun ship, both of which I recently completed. His question (refering to the Langton) was "How does she look size-wise next to your GHQ 98? Do they look like they are the same class of ship, or is there too much difference?" Since I raise the GHQ hulls to match the Langton models, which set higher, there really isn't a very noticeable size difference. Class-wise however, they are different ship designs. Rating-wise, they are the same, 2nd rate ships. The photos below should show what I am talking about. I have also added a Davco 98 gun 2nd rate British ship for further comparison.

Left to right: GHQ, Langton, Davco 98 gun ships

Left to right: Davco, Langton, GHQ. The stern galleries illustrate the different designs.

Langton and GHQ. The Langton is a bit more "blocky" than the more sleek lined GHQ ship.
The Davco and Langton models
Davco and GHQ, Much closer in design.
If the GHQ ship was painted in the Nelson checkerboard pattern like the other two ships the similarities would be more apparent. Also of note is that the Davco has scratch-built masts, the GHQ has partial scratch-built masts, and the Langton has stock masts.


Anonymous said...

Where can you get the Davco Ships?
You do great work.
Steve W.

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Hello Steve. Thank you.
Unfortunately you can't get Davco anymore. They went out of business. I picked mine up from a gentleman on the SOG Anchorage website that was getting rid of all his unbuilt 1/1200 stock and starting over with 1/1000 scale Sails of Glory ships. His stock consisted of several Davco, Navwar, and a few GHQ ships. They are out there, lurking in boxes or drawers of gamers that have moved on. We just have to search them out.