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Thursday, December 7, 2017

My first War Artisan Card Ship

Here is my review of War Artisan's card model of a 64 gun ship of the line. This model is a freebie on the website, The owner and designer, Jeff Knudsen, provides a few of his excellent models for free so folks can try them out before purchasing. I downloaded this one quite a while back meaning to try it right away, but I then learned to scratch build and had so many Langton, GHQ and Navwar hulls to build (still do!), so it has taken me a long time to get around to trying this card model.

I must say, this model went together very well and very quick. I added a balsa base to strengthen the hull and that's all really. The instructions already include balsa support for the raised quarter deck, forecastle and poop deck. The most time was taken to build the masts. I chose to add my stepped masts rather than the suggested single shaft masts in the instructions. There are two sail choices, the Simple sail set and the Advanced sail set. I chose the advanced sails as they allow for more detail to be added. Just a few other added embellishments were made to the sails. The standard and running rigging are done like my other 1/1200 ships. Overall I am really impressed. This would be a really fast way to put a battle fleet together. No painting at all, just some touch up with colored highlighters. Very cool! My hat is off to Jeff!

With Navwar 74 and Davco 64


Brian Weathersby said...

That looks surprisingly good, and really holds up well to your metal ships.

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...
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A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Thanks Brian. Did you have a good trip?