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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Navwar 22-gun Mars Corvettes

A few years back I received a package of Navwar ships from my friend Gunner in Arizona (see Post

I really enjoy building Navwar ships, not because they are great detailed molds, but because they are not. I enjoy trying to fix them up so they can take the table with the Langtons and GHQs and Davcos. Among the package Gunner sent me were three Mars 22 gun corvettes. I didn't have any corvettes built so I decided to work on these. Unfortunately I did not take any photos of them right out of the package. Like most of the Navwar models the first thing I do is throw all of the sail/mast sets in the scrap lead pile for melting down. In this case I kept the bow sprit and sprit sails as they appeared to be fairly sturdy. I raised the hulls using my normal method (see and scratchbuilt the masts (see and the sails.

The next few posts will be the individual finished corvettes.


Stew said...

I suppose that when you have your level of talent you have to go looking for challenges! 😀

Ships came out great! Nicely done.

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Hah! Mediocre at best! I don't stand up to masters like Julian, James White, or a few others out there. They are still young with good eyesight and steady hands. If you want to make youself sick with envy, visit Model J. Ship at or go to the Sails of Glory: Anchorage site and look for all of the Redcoat posts in the Chippy Shop. Makes me want to cry sometimes 😢😭