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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Langton French 74 Gun Algésiras

Since I am laid up with this back brace I have been able to spend a lot of time in the shop. I decided to build some more French ships. This one is Langton's French 74 gun model built as the Algésiras. I used GHQ sails and a Navwar jib sail set I had.

The Algésiras was Téméraire class 74-gun ship of the line built at Lorient in 1804. In 1805 she took part in the Battle of Trafalgar under Rear Admiral Charles Magon. She was engaged at point blank range by HMS Tonnant. Magon attempted a boarding but the entire boarding party was wiped out by British fire except one who was made a prisoner. Admiral Magon was killed. The fight continued for another hour with Tonnant's starboard guns dueling with Algésiras, her port battery with Pluton, and her forward guns aimed at the San Juan Nepomuceno. Algésiras finally surrendered to Tonnant around 14:30. During the storm after the battle, her crew rose up in rebellion against the British prize crew and recaptured the ship. They sailed her into Cadiz harbor flying French colors.

On June 14, 1808 Algésiras was captured by the Spanish, along with all of the other French ships in Cadiz.

Length at gun deck = 181'6"
Beam = 48'11"
Depth of Hold = 21'10"
Displacement = 1896 tons burthen
Compliment = 670

Lower Gun Deck - 28 x 36 pounders
Upper Gun Deck - 30 x 18 pounders
Quarter Deck - 14 x 8 pounders
Forecastle - 6 x 8 pounders
Single Broadside Weight = 854 pounds

Inspirational Picture
GHQ sail/mast set with lower masts cut away and replaced with .060 music wire. Base blank cut and coated with varnish. Hull drilled and primed.

Davco jib sail and sprit set. Bowsprit replaced with music wire. Dolphin striker and sprit sail with yard added.

If I do this again I will cut the sails apart so they lay with the stay lines better.

I reposted the pictures with Rear Admiral Magon's pennant on the mizzen.

This was a nice one to build


JTW said...

Beautiful work Vol, a very formidable looking ship!

Stew said...

That’s another awesome ship! It’s cool that you use pieces from different manufacturers to make a distinctive miniature. 😀

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Thanks guys