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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Two Navwar 1:1200 50 Gun Ships

(I note that this post gets viewed frequently so I want to point out that the rigging is incorrect, done before I had a good reference to go by.)

Here I present the completed Navwar Dutch 4th rate 50 gun ships Rotterdam and Batavier.

The Rotterdam was launched in 1761. Her dimensions were Length 136'; Beam 39'; Depth 15'; 937 tons.  Her compliment was 350 men and boys.
24 x 18 pounders
24 x 12 pounders
8 x 8 pounders
She was captured in 1781 by the British.

The Batavier was launched in 1779. Her dimensions were Length 144'; Beam 40'; Depth 16'; 1048 tons. Her complimen was 300 men and boys.
22 x 24 pounders
24 x 12 pounders
8 x 6 pounders
She was captured in 1799 by the British.

These ships are typical for Navwar, taking a considerable amount of work. New masts, sprit and jib boom had to be built for both ships. I use two methods for sails for these ships. For the Rotterdam I cut new sails out of thin brass sheet, attached clew lines and yards, then painted them. For the Batavier I cut the Navwar sails off of the spindly masts and reshaped them using a small sanding drum attached to my Dremel tool. Then I attached clew lines and yards to the modified sails and painted them.

In the photos below the Batavier is on the left and the Rotterdam is on the right. I would sincerely appreciate comments or votes on which sail set looks the best, the modified sails on Batavier or the scratch-built brass sails on the Rotterdam.

Thank you for looking and don't forget to vote for wich sails look best - the modified molded sails on the left, or the scratch-built brass sails on the right.


EinarOlafson said...

I like them, very much!! I really admire people that put such effort in their miniatures!!


El Grego said...

Very nice; I especially like the bases.