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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Hiatus - 64 Gun Dutch Navwar

I haven't posted anything since April for the simple reason that I haven't done anything since April. The "Honey Do's" are all encompassing since the weather has changed. We are 3" below are normal rainfall so I have had no excuse to stay indoors and work on miniatures. I have accomplishe a great deal unrelated to wargaming however. I have put a large number of plants and trees in the ground, put in new water lines for said plants/trees, built a 40' x 12' pad on the end of the barn, replaced all of the electric fence ribbon on the horse fenceing, repaired a lot of that same fencing, and built steps and a deck around the spa on the back patio. I am only about a quarter way through the to do list. A storm went through yesterday and I actually got to set down for several hours and rig one of the two Navwar Dutch 64's that have been sitting on my workbench since April. I have only mounted the mast sails, ratlines, and standing rigging so far. I still have the sprit sail, forestay and jib salis to mount and the running rigging to do to finish. here are photos of the progress so far on these 64's.

Both painted hulls and the scratchbuilt masts
Dressing up the scratchbuilt brass sails

Still a long way to go. I will post the completion photos when I'm done.......sometime in October?????

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