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Sunday, February 9, 2014

GHQ Spanish 74 Gun Ship Monarca

This one is the last of the Montanes (Mountaneer) class ships of the line. Monarca's history below is taken from, you guessed it, my favorite Spanish Naval History website Again, this is a direct translation to English so the syntax may be difficult to understand.

He belonged to the series of Ildefonsinos as draft Romero Landa. It was launched on March 17, 1794
Just under Jose Salcedo in 1794 performed comparative tests with the "Mountaineer" resulting favorable to the latter, replacing the rigging in 1795. It was added to the squad and went to the relief Lángara Roses.
In April 1798 along with the frigates "Mercedes" and "Peace" start from Cadiz, under Brigadier Just Solano, on a diplomatic mission to North America, breaking the British blockade that at that time surrounded the city of Cadiz, the British did not pursue him . During the trip the British frigate captured the English brig Peggi and Sidney. The division of frigates Captain D. Manuel De Emparán accompanying the convoy (Ceres, Asunción, Iphigenia and Diana for defense of Suriname) captured the British frigate Priscot General, requesting later sharing prey to the crew. He also left astern two British ships of line tried to cut him off in the Bahama Channel. Subsequently returns to Vigo Ferrol with flow passing for conditioning.
In January 1799 with 3 division manner other ships and 3 frigates transporting Tenerife Infantry Regiment Vitoria.
Later, under the command of Don Joaquín Mozo, part of the squad that part Melgarejo Roquefort.
In 1805 Monarch Argumosa said his commander on the ship seaworthy properties: "Your merineras properties in all positions are advantageous to all ships which sailed from Ferrol to" , I included the French ships.
In Trafalgar was directed by D. Teodoro Argumosa who was wounded in combat, the ship being boarded. It sank on the beach in San Lucar because of the storm that followed the battle.
A ship
. Burgos feet and inches
Length: 190
Keel: 170, 2
Breadth: 52
Depth: 25
Tonnage: 1,640
In 1805
Burgos feet (and inches):
- clean Keel: 170 and 2''
- Width: 52
- Length: 190
- Depth: 25
- Plan 28 and 4''
- Tons: 1,640
- Cala aft: 27 and 6 ''
- Bow: 23 and 6''
- Difference: 1 and 8''
- Media Battery: 6 and 7''
- quintals of iron ballast: 3,311
- In ballast: 5,300
- Destruction 7
A ship
28 x 24 lb cannons
30 x 18 
lb cannons
16 x 8 
lb cannons
At the Battle of Trafalgar
28 x 24 lb cannons
30 x 18 
lb cannons
6 x 8 
lb cannons
10 x 30 lb carronades
6 x 24 lb 
6 x 4 
lb cannons

At the Battle of Trafalgar
- Officers war: 17 (one Ensign is a midshipman enabled as such.)
- Midshipmen 3
- Senior Official 10
- Foremen and guardians 8
- Carpenters 8
- Calafates 8
- Armero diver and cook lamplighter 8
- Infantry Squad: 243 (117 Marines and 116 of theVolunteers of the Crown )
- Troop Artillery: 54 (24 marine artillery, 17 of the 13 Army and Marine battalions aggregates).
- Artillery Preference: 18
- Regular Artillery: 62
- Mariners: 115
- Grumetes: 100
- Pajes: 19 Total: 672 (CDT

I still have the 112 gun 1st rate Salvador del Mundo and a 36 gun frigate, both Davco models; and a GHQ 22 gun Xebec. That's all I have for Spanish ships at the present. But these will have to wait until I finish another two week hitch up north.

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