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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

GHQ Spanish 80 Gun Argonauta

I submit the first completed ship of the four Montanes class 3rd rate Ships of the Line, the Argonauta. The history of this ship below is translated from the excellent Spanish website Be warned this is a direct translation so the syntax may be a bit hard to understand.

Built by Retamosa following plans Romero Landa, but perfected, resulting in one of the best ships in Europe, along with her sister ship "Neptune". Since its launch it was framed in the square of El Ferrol.
In 1799 it was commanded by Juan Herrera Davila, who with four other ships (insignia of Lieutenant General Melgarejo in the "Real carlos"), two frigates and a brig departed from Ferrol bound to Roquefort to join a French squadron that should be waiting to support the rebels in Ireland. When they reached the French port unpleasantly realized that the French had not prepared any corner. After an unsuccessful British attack Melgarejo is ordered to join the squad combined Bruix and Mazarredo in Brest. After realizing that the city was blocked by 40 English ships wisely decided to go back to Ferrol.
In 1800 he was in the squad Joaquín Moreno. The same year brought the first virus Havana beef. Also in 1801 was found in the harbor of El Ferrol where his crew and garrison participated in the Battle of Brion .
In July 1801 the squadron is in rescue Moreno, in aid of the French units Linois who had participated in the Battle of Algeciras and needed out of the bay before the British returned. On the way back to Cadiz disaster "San Hermenegildo" and "Real Carlos" occurred.
In October 1801, he commanded by Salcedo Just did a cruise mainland accompanying the French fleet that had left Algeciras.
Form division in 1802 with Prince, Reina Luisa and Bahama to take Italy to the kings of Parma, made a trip from Cadiz to Veracruz and return to Cadiz.
In 1805 (January 15) came into dock in Cadiz, which had been vacated by the San Justo. Finished his readiness joins the squad attached to the French commanded by Villeneuve heads to Martinique, being the flagship of Lieutenant General Gravina, being the flag captain Rafael Hore. Combined Meeting with the June 8 west of Barbados two frigates French observation had indicated a British convoy of 16 candles delayed the squad by N.; Villeneuve hoisted signal then general hunting. Emprendiose this immediately and with such success, that at five in the afternoon, between the two most advanced frigates and Argonauta, that by adhering to a long march was incorporated them, made through and marinate all vessels, except one, due to its position that managed to escape the fate of his companions. This convoy, richly laden with sugar, coffee, cotton, rum and other colonial products, had exited from Antigua to Barbados, as a result of the news circulating about the arrival of Nelson with the square. Later the squadron combined share to European waters. When combined squadron was about to maneuver it the French ship Formidable accidentally addresses the Argonauta, causing serious damage to the bowsprit and part of the bow. Although Villeneuve told Gravina's squadron would go to walk the Argonauta damaged, the Spanish general told him no way, that they are not going to delay the square and through the work of the first Petty Officer of the Fleet, D . Miguel Garcia, Major Master carpenters, D. José María Santana, Assistant Construction Foreman, and D. Sunday Basallote Foreman and Master shipwrights could adequately repair the wreckage after only 8 hours.Something worthy of admiration with few means to board a ship for a fault that required yard.
On July 5, 1805 takes a leading role in the battle of Finisterre . This fight is the first ship in the line of combat, the action taken primarily by Spanish units. In combat the ship had surrendered the mizzen mast and bowsprit. Destroy the stern and the breakwater, which had already damaged the trip. Suffered 6 killed and 5 injured (4 gunners sea, 1 sailor, 1 rifleman Texas hunters). He came to Vigo with 65 patients.
In the battle of Trafalgar was part of the squad watching Gravina and thanks to his prodigious properties sailboat left the line, into the wind against the British ships approaching, making it the first rendered ship, faced only all the ships that were passing. After being wounded the Commander Antonio couple was captured on 30 sinking below, being burned by the British to prevent dam. Argonauta intervention was more print ships caused the British commanders.

In 1805
Burgos feet (and inches): 
- clean Keel: 179 
- Width: 54 
- Length: 200 
- Depth: 26 3'' 
- Plan 27 
- Tons: - 
- Cala aft: 26, 2'' 
- De Bow: 24, 8'' 
- Difference: 1, 6'' 
- Battery Media: 6, 4'' 
- quintals of iron ballast: 8,600 
- in ballast: - 
- Destruction: - 

April 9, 1805, Cádiz
30 x 36 pdrs
32 x 18 pdrs
16 x 8 pdrs
8 x 30 lb howitzers
4 x 24 pdrs
4 x 4 pdrs
At the Battle of Trafalgar
30 x 36 pdrs
32 x 18 pdrs
16 x 8 pdrs
12 x 30 lb howitzers
4 x 4 pdrs

April 9, 1805, Cádiz
- Senior Plana 9
- Official war: 14
- Midshipmen 2
- Senior Official: 16
- Foremen, guardians and patterns pot 9
- Carpenters 8
- Calafates 8
- Armero diver lamplighter and Cook: 5
- Troop Infantry: 182
- Artillery Troop 56
- Artillery Preference: 18
- Regular Artillery: 80
- Mariners: 120
- Grumetes: 56
- Pajes 11 Total: 594 (CDT)
In the battle of FinisterreAt the Battle of Trafalgar- Officers war: 14
- Army officers: 5
- Midshipmen: 1
- Senior Official 12
- Officers Mar 34
- Infantry Troop 182
- Troop Artillery: 62
- Artillery sea: 118
- Mariners: 122
- Grumetes: 53
- Pajes 10
Total allocation: 613 crew
Carrying: 324 soldiers of the regiments of Córdoba, and Texas.
Y 19 English prisoners.
Total: 956
(CDT)- Officers of War: 16 + 2 Army: 18
- Midshipmen: 1
- Senior Official 9
- Foremen, guardians and patterns pot 9
- Carpenters 8
- Calafates 8
- Armero diver lamplighter and cook 11
- Infantry Troop 279
- Troop Artillery: 61
- Artillery Preference 12
- Ordinary Gunners: 83
- Mariners: 160
- Grumetes: 120
- Pajes: 21 Total: 800 (CDT)

The other three ships: the Montanes, Monarca, and Neptuno are just waiting for rigging. They will be posted as they are finished. The GHQ's really are pretty ships.


Jeff Chorney said...

Beautiful Work, 'First Rate' Vol!

Vol Williams said...

Thanks Jeff. So what is BattleFleet again?

Jeff Chorney said...

Battle Fleet is the journal I edit for the Naval Wargames Society.