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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Navwar 1/1200 14 Gun Cutter

Here is what I was able to make of the Navwar version of the 14 gun cutter. As with all Navwar models, I had to scratch build the mast, bowsprit, sails and yards.

The kit (x 2). I separated the jib and fore staysail hoping to use them.

Measurement of the masts
I use music wire. Size .47 for the main mast, .39 for the maintop mast.
The built masts and bow sprits for both vessels
Sails are drawn on sketch paper and ready to be cut out
Sails are coated on both sides with diluted PVA glue and laid across curved shapes to dry.
The dried sails are then painted and final details added.
The finished model:

This one I made American. I have the other Navwar cutter and another Langton cutter left to do. I am thinking of making one Spanish and one French.

Here are comparison shots between the two cutters built thus far; Langton on the left and Navwar on the right.


Anonymous said...

How do you stick the paper sails to the metal masts? superglue?

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

I use only Loctight superglue red or blue bottle reinforced with rigging. I run the clew line for the sail around the back of the mast above the yard, down the front of the sail on either side of center, under the sail and back up to the yard and tie both ends together in front of the mast. The clew lines are glued to thefront of the sail and around the mast. This locks the sail and yard in place plus adds accurate detail to the sails.

Would be nice to have a name Anon!