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Monday, August 18, 2014

Davco 1/1200 French Brigs

Here are two brigs from Davco, 16 gun NS23 and 18 gun NS7. I built them as the French brigs Argus 16 and Furet 18, both of which were at Trafalgar. Furet and Argus both made it through the battle. Argus was a Vigilant class with 16 x 6 pounder guns and crew of 84. Furet was a Abeille class with 18 x 9 pounder guns and crew of 130. She was captured on February 26, 1806 by HMS Hydra.

One of these I will make into an American brigantine later. Scratch built  masts and spanker sails for all three.

 Finished brigs:
 Argus 16:

 Furet 18:

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