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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

WWII Fleet Extras

Here are 16 more ships to fill in each navy that I've done so far. 

Five German ships:

  • Gneisenau battle cruiser 
  • Prinz Eugen - Hipper class heavy cruiser
  • Bl├╝cher - Hipper class heavy cruiser 
  • Graf Spee - Deutschland class heavy cruiser 
  • Admiral Scheer - Deutschland class hevy cruiser 
Six British ships:
  • HMNZS Achilles - Leander class light cruiser 
  • HMS Ajax - Leander class light cruiser
  • HMS Sheffield - Town class light cruiser 
  • HMS Dorsetshire - County Norfolk sub-class heavy cruiser 
  • HMS Norfolk - County Norfolk sub-class heavy cruiser 
  • HMS Cumberland - County Kent sub-class heavy cruiser
Five Japanese ships:

  • IJN Soryu - Aircraft Carrier
  • IJN Hiryu - Aircraft Carrier
  • IJN Kaga - Aircraft Carrier
  • IJN Akagi - Aircraft Carrier
  • IJN Shokaku- Aircraft Carrier
These should round out the three fleets.
Next I'll be concentrating on the US fleet. I haven't found many freebees in the US ships. So I will most likely have to make some more purchases, like I did with this lot.

A young visitor

And another young visitor

Thursday, August 17, 2023

My new Japanese fleet

 This is my Japanese fleet thus far

Shreaded TP ready to apply

Making waves

Watered down PVA glue for the TP

Three done

The final result

I found some more files for ships I didn't have that will be needed to game some of the more famous scenarios. These include additional British cruiser classes, German cruisers, and a few more famous IJN carriers. I've been in the process of printing them all day and mountin them to bases as they come off the printer.

Germans to the laft, British to the right.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

WWII German Fleet

 I finally had a couple of days to get back to work on the 1/2400 WWII fleets. This one is the German fleet. It only has 13 vessels so far. The next time I have enough new files to justify firing up the printer again, I will print another Hipper class heavy cruiser to use for the Prinz Eugen, and another Scharnhorst to use for the Gneisenau. The Scharnhorst here is GHQ and the Bismarck is scratch built.

Friday, August 4, 2023

1/600 Scale Spanish Armada Transport Galleon

 A couple of weeks ago Henry Turner, from Turner Miniatures, asked me if I would be interested in building a ship from his upcoming Spanish Armada Kickstarter coming out around September 1st so he can use it for advertising. Of course I said no! (NOT LIKELY!) I actually said hell yes! So here is the build of a 1588 Spanish Armada Uncas Transport Galleon. I hope you like it!

After Henry sent me the file, I sliced it with Ultimaker Cura 4.12.1 to prepare it for my Ender 5 Pro printer. Then started printing.

I use masking tape after the brim has printed to ensure the print stays fast to the table.

The print turned out beautiful

I had never built one of these before so I had to do some research. There is not much to go on.

The first base colors are on

I built the masts in my usual method with steel music wire

The sails for this one are made from regular printer paper

Masts set

Spars are tied on and tie holes punched into sails

Sails get tied onto spars with just a touch of glue to hold the knots

All of the sails are now on

The first of the standing rigging is being applied

Time to make the ratlines. One set more for this ship due to the extra mast

Ratlines mounted

All of the standing rigging is done and the first of the running rigging has started at the stem 

I'm sorry I didn't take any photos of the running rigging process. It was a bit more involved than my usual. The rigging is complete in the photo below.

The base is cut and vinyl texture is on and dry. The hull shape is cleaned out.

And the finished beauty shots:

I hope Henry likes it!

Friday, July 28, 2023

Fields of Honor and Other Stuff

 The last few weeks have been busy. Lots of work on the 'Ranch' and in the shop. This morning I woke up early to enjoy my coffee on the front porch, then as the sun grew a bit too intense, I moved to the back deck to enjoy the visiting turky family and view.

Morning is a time to catch up on the news, hobby posts, FB hobby groups, and reflection.

 After I had sold Jonathan Freitag my Galia castle set, I felt bad that it didn't include a gate section. So I made him one from foam, complete with swinging gates.

Shortly after finishing the gate I was contacted by Henry Turner (Turner Miniatures), inquiring whether I would be interested in building a representative ship, from his upcoming Spanish Armada Kickstarter rolling out September 1st, to use as advertisement. Of course I said "You betcha!"(never turn anything down for free, haha!) This is my progress so far:

Yesterday I drove over to Jon's house for a game using modified Fields of Honor rules.  The scenario was Gettysburg day two, Hood's attack on the Union left flank. This being my first time playing these rules, I felt a steep learning curve challenge. Jon was great, very patient with me.

I have to admit that I prepared for this game by rereading Shelby Foote's history of the battle and watching every documentary I could find on streaming providers. I also watched the Gettysburg Battlefield Park Service tour videos on YouTube to get a feel for the terrain. By game time, knowing I would be commanding the Confederates, I had a definite strategy confirmed in my head. And it worked well. The requirements for the Confederates to win were as follows: Take and hold Houck's Ridge and Little Round Top, plus have units on the Millerstown road east of Stoney Hill at the end of six turns.

Initial Unit Positions

The field of battle starting out

Hood's Confederate division is set up as follows: Two of Robertson's regiments, 4th Texas and 5th Texas, are perched just below Little Round Top facing Vincent. Behind him on Big Round Top are Law's 4th, 15th, and 47th Alabama regiments. Law's remaining two regiments are strung out across the junction of Rose and Plum Runs facing Union skirmishers holed up in the Devil's Den. On their immediate left are Benning's four regiments, the 2nd, 15th, 17th, and 20th Georgia, formed along Rose Run facing Rose Woods. On Benning's left are Robertson's remaining two regiments, the 3rd Arkansas and 1st Texas, a long way from their commander! Anderson's five regiments are in position just south of the Rose Farm, with Latham's artillery consisting of a Napoleon smooth bore 12 pdr and an 8 pdr rifle. 

Birney's Union division dispositions are: de Trobriand's four regiments are on Stony Hill and the eastern slope with Winslow's artillery. Ward's five regiments are covering the entirety of Houck's Ridge, with artillery in front overlooking Devil's Den. There is another unit of artillery perched on the Millerstown road east of the Plum Run bridge. And last, as mentioned earlier, Vincent's four regiments command Little Round Top.

Robertson activates. 5th TX fires on 44th NY and does damage

1st TX moves up to probe the skirmishers in the Devil's Den but do no damage

3rd AR moves into position to fire on Ward atop Houck's Ridge
 Law consolidates and begins moving down off of Big Round Top towards Vincent, and around behind the Devil's Den along Plum Run. Benning drive across Rose Run into Rose Woods to threaten the west side of Houck's Ridge. He attacks with two regiments and takes the south end of the ridge. Anderson's regiments move up into support positions.

Union activations

Ward tries unsuccessfully to push Benning off of the ridge

de Trobriand moves around to flank the Confederate left

Robertson's 5th TX has taken the summit of Little Round Top while the 4th TX threatens the 14th MI

The Union valiantly attacks the Confederate Left causing some serious damage on the 3rd AR and the loss of the 9th GA, but the line holds firm.

2nd and 20th GA, led by Benning destroys Ward and his last regiment on Houck's Ridge

4th AL destroys the 20ME and breaks Vincent

Surrounded on four sides, this Union regiment didn't stand a chance. And the 4th TX reaches the Millerstown Road

1st GA captures Smith's second battery

Birney calls a general retreat to save what's
left of the Union Division

Confederates hold Houck's Ridge, Little Round Top and have a unit across the Millerstown Road. The Union concedes the battle in Turn #3

Confederate casualties

The Union Casualties

It was a super fun game that lasted about three and a half hours. I apologize for my one sided report but I really can only remember the things I did commanding the Confederates, My SITREP did not include the information on the Union regiments and my photos were taken from the Rebel side of the field so I could not read the Union regiment labels. I know Jonathan will be writing up a much more complete and detailed report, so I recommend reading that one on his blog. I just had so much fun and was so stoked about winning that I just had to write something about it. I really hope he invites me back, but I wouldn't blame him if he didn't, Haha!