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Friday, October 30, 2015

Tired of Square Riggers - Navwar Small Xebec/Felucca

This little boat from Navwar is either a small xebec or felucca. I received three unpackaged so I'm not sure what they were intended to be. I cannot find anything like it on Navwar's website so they may not even make them anymore. The prow is different from normal xebecs but the stern is the same. Most feluccas are two masts while this model has three. So I am leaning towards a small xebec. This little boat has 12 guns.

Langton Barque on left and GHQ Xebec on right

With Langton 38 gun Essex

Tired of Square Riggers - Langton's Chasse-Maree Lugger

The next non-square rigged vessel I built is Langton's chasse-maree lugger. An interesting appearance but the lugger sails just look weird to me. This little boat has only eight guns.

Tired of Square Riggers - Langton Lateen Barque

I sort of grew tired of building square riggers. I had been looking at some of the more unusual models I have stored away for rainy days and pulled out three, a barque, a lugger, and a small xebec/felucca.

I decided to build Langton's lateen barque first. I love the hull on this one, so much nice decorative detail. I was reluctant to drill the sides for later rigging, so that later rigging turned out to be a bitch. I didn't have any brushes on hand with the right weight bristles so I had to improvise a lot. I pulled it all apart and redid the sails and rigging twice. This little barque is 20 guns plus two chasers for a total of 22. There is not much I could find on this style of barque. One close picture called it a Mediterranean Barque, and that is the only illustration I could find.