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Friday, July 29, 2022

Pyro 1/190 Scale HMS Bounty

 Last March I started working on an old 1950s-1960s plastic Pyro HMS Bounty model kit I picked up on ebay. This kit is very basic having very little detail. Like non-existing channel/chains for the ratlines. almost no deck detail, and what there is was in the wrong place. I had to make a lot of modifications.

Inspiration Painting
One error I discovered in this painting is that the bounty was copper clad prior to her breadfruit voyage.

I didn't use anything from the white sprue

Verifying the scale

Strange details. If these are oars they are nowhere near the boat mounting area. If they are gun tools then they are not correct.

I added some steering detail

And some anchor winch detail

The weird mounds I assume are supposed to be rope coils for the guns but they are placed in the way for some of the guns, right in front of the ports.

Adding the non-existent channels

And the chains

Anchor details added

My quick ratline jig

Tracing out the sails on some cloth