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Saturday, September 28, 2013

1:1200 Davco Dutch 64 Gun Prince Frederick

Well it has been a productive summer in all things but finishing my Dutch fleet. I did finish another Navco 64, but since it was much like the one in my last post I didn't feel it was worthy of another post.

So now, due to a few rainy days, I have been able to finish a Davco Dutch 64. Davco titles this one the Prince Frederick. From everything I can find the Prince Frederick was indeed a Dutch ship, but this was the name the British gave it after they captured it at Saldhanha bay in 1796.  has conflicting information on this ship stating in one place it is a 64 gun and in another a 68 gun. In different entries it states the Prince Frederick was the Dutch Revolutie and in another it was the Dutch Prins Frederick. Possibly it was both, being built as the Prins Frederick, renamed the Revolutie, then back to Prince Frederick after capture. Davco lists this ship as a 64 gun with armament as follows:

Lower gun deck: 26 x 24 pounders
Upper gun deck: 26 x 18 pounders
Quarterdeck & Forecastle: 14 x 8 pounders

ThreeDecks lists a different armament for 68 guns (not counting carronades) as follows:

Lower gun deck: 24 x 24 pounders
Upper gun deck: 26 x 18 pounders
Quarterdeck: 10 x 9 pounders
Forecastle: 2 x 9 pounders & 2 x 24 pounder carronades
Roundhouse: 6 x 18 pounders

The Davco model reflects the 64 gun version. My next ship is the Langton 68 gun Dutch 3rd rate, which more reflects the ThreeDecks version.


Masts and sails mounted

Time to make the ratlines.

Standing rigging done and upper mizzen ratline attached.

Glue down thread for the shape.

Cut on the outside of the thread. Then trim to size and attach to the channels and masts for the lowers, and the fighting tops and topmasts for the uppers.

Ratlines mounted.

Sorry about this one. I can't get it to rotate on the blog. It's right side up in my files??

Comparison shot: Navar 64 "Revolutie" on the left. Davco 64 Prince Frederick on the right. Supposed to be the exact same ship. Shows just how different manufacturers are when producing the same named ships. Hard to determine who's ships are accurate, if any of them are at all?

My six Dutch SOLs. Four 64's and two 50's. One 68 and four 32 gun frigates to go.
OOPS! Just realized after reviewing these photos that the pennant is upside down. Here are a couple of photos with it corrected.