My Workbench

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Small Basalt Atoll Island

 This was a very quick scratch island in 1/1200 scale. I made it from an old CD, a piece of landscape bark from the front garden and Celluclay. It is supposed to represent a more recent black basalt atoll with little vegetation. 

Neither of these is the exact piece I used but are two more similar that I picked up from the garden

So as you can see I am really bored. With all of this hot weather I have been stuck inside. I have:
  1. Watched a lot of TV 
  2. Printed a lot of Babylon 5 starships and even painted a few
  3. I steeled myself to finish the Bounty (last post)
  4. Made this island
  5. Half heartedly started several ships, all 3D prints. Three 1/1200 Russian SOLs and five 1/700 hulls including HMS Ontario snow, two Cherokee class brigs and two American Prince de Neufchatel modified schooners.
Left: 1/1200 Russian 66, St Pavel 92, Russian 100
Right: 1/700 Cherokee class 10 gun brig, Ontario 22 gun snow, Prince de Neufchatel 18 gun schooner

As an after thought from the comments here is one of the painted B5 ships, a Minbari Sharlin class heavy cruiser at 53mm