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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

GHQ Téméraire class 74 gun Le Fougueux

I took a break from my American fleet to build another French ship of the line. This is the GHQ version of a Téméraire class 74 gun ship Le Fouguex. Launched in 1785 at Lorient, she took part in the First Battle of Groix in 1795. In the battle of Trafalgar she fired the first shot at HMS Royal Sovereign. She was captured by HMS Temeraire and wrecked in the storm that followed the battle. She displaced 1,966 tons and had a crew of 700. Length of gun deck = 183'3" imperial; Breadth = 47' imperial; Depth of Hold 23'5" imperial.
Armament: Broadside Weight 881 lbs
     Lower Gun Deck = 28 x French 36 pounders
     Upper Gun Deck = 30 x French 18 pounders
     Quarterdeck = 16 x French 8 pounders
     Forecastle = 4 French 36 pounders carronades

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Langton 38-gun Frigate USS Congress

The next frigate in my growing American fleet is the USS Congress. The hull is by Langton; the masts, spars, and sails are scratch built.

USS Congress was one of the original six Humphreys frigates authorized by Congress in 1794. She was laid down in 1795 in Hacket Shipyard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire and launched August 15, 1799. Her dimensions: Length 164', Breadth 40', Depth of Hold 13'. Displacement: 1265 tons. Standard compliment: 340. I have found conflicting information on sites like Wikipedia, Three Decks, The US Naval Museum, etc. regarding her armament during the war of 1812. There is some consensus about her initial gun makeup when first commissioned.

Armament 1799: 24 x 18 pound long guns, 12 x 12 pound long guns (9 x 12 pdrs also listed)

Armament 1812: 24 x 18 pound long guns, 20 x 32 pound carronades (6 x 12 pdrs & 12 x 32 pd carronades also listed)


Back to Front, Left to Right: Essex 32, Chesapeake 38, Constitution 44, Constellation 38, Congress 38