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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Langton Ship Rigged Xebec Frigate

I finally got around to building the xebec frigate. Thank you again Rob Eubank for the small frigate sail set to go with it. I made the lateen driver because none of the lateen sail set sails were the size I wanted. This Langton model is supposed to be 32 guns, but I only count 26 guns and ports total. All of the paintings and drawings I could find of this type of rigged xebec show a single bowsprit without jib boom and much shorter than the sprit plus jib boom in the SF sail set, so I made one. None show any spritsail yard and sail. The drawings and definition of poleacres show the masts as single poles except for the mizzen which is two pieces. I opted to use the SF set masts. Anyway here are some photos of my version. There is just something about the lines of a xebec that I like. They look so cool! Hope you like.