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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Purísima Concepción Update

 I decided to put some crew on this ship as an afterthought. I only had 36 Eduard photo etched figures to use so you will have to multiply what you see by a factor of 27 in your imagination, LOL.

Monday, September 20, 2021

New Order

With Inslee's new mandates for the escalation of the current plague, I have decided to be proactive and order the perfect PPE for it.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

1/700 Spanish 1st Rate Purísima Concepción

This one is another of Simon Mann's excellent Mann O'War 3D resin hulls. A sister ship to the San Jose, with slight differences, 'he' (all Spanish SOLs were referred to in the masculine) was built in Ferrol and launched the 24th of December 1779. The ship was commisioned in 1780. 

The length at the gundeck was 213 burgos feet when built but shortened later to 220'6" (201'6" Imperial) during a rebuild in 1796. The beam was 58'4" (53'0" Imperial). Depth of hold was 28'9" (25'8" Imperial). The displacement was 2,771 Tons BM. The crew compliment was 800 to 1,000 men and boys. The armament consisted of 112 to 120 guns. Lower gun deck: 32 x 36 pounder long guns. Middle gun deck: 32 x 24 pounder long guns. Upper gun deck 30 x 12 pounder long guns. Quarter deck and Forecastle: 18 x 8 pounder long guns. The broadside weight amounted to 1268.904 lbs. 

After commissioning in 1780, Purísima Concepción was attached to the 3rd Franco Spanish fleet for the 1st English Channel campaign. On August 9, 1780 the ship took part in the capture of a British convoy of 53 ships. In 1772 the Purísima Concepción supported the action during the Great Siege of Gibraltar. He was one of the 38 Spanish ships of the line at the Battle of Cape Spartel, but saw no action that day. Purísima Concepción joined the Siege of TOulon with six other Spanish SOLs on October 21, 1793. on February 14, 1797 Purísima Concepción was the flagship for the second squadron under Lt General Francisco Javier Morales de los Rios and Flag Captain and Brigadier Jose Esceno. The ship suffered 8 dead and 21 wounded during the battle. In 1800 the ship took part in the second English Channel campaign. Later in the same year he was blockaded at Brest by British Rear Admiral John Colpoys until1 801. On March 6, 1810 Purísima Concepción was anchored in Cadiz when a big storm swept the harbor. On the following day the ship lost anchors and ran ashore on the French occupied Spanish coast. By August 8, the ship and crew were under heavy fire from the French warships and land forces. On the 9th the ship was burned by French troops and sunk off the coast. Along with Purísima Concepción, two other Spanish SOLs the Montanes and San Ramon, a Spanish frigate Paz, a Portuguese warship, a British brigantine and 20 merchant ships were similarly lost as a result of the storm and susequent French attacks. 

The hull of this model is resin, the small towed boats are 3D PLA prints. All of the rest is scratch built.
Here I layed out all saills, but later decided to only use the top sails and furl the rest.
Here I am tying on the spars and spars with furled sails attached.
I think my next ship will be another of Simons' excellent hulls, a French Temeraire class.