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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Langton 1:1200 Scale Dutch 68 Gun 3rd Rate

Rod Langton's 68 gun Dutch 3rd rate is a beautiful model. The detail is so crisp, proportions so perfect, it was an absolute pleasure to build after so many Navwar and Davco ships. I have not yet done the research to determine what ship she might be for name, armament, etc. It is so difficult to find any information on the Napoleonic period Dutch. Sites like are helpful if you already know a ship's name, but trying to find ships in a class is difficult. This ship was so nice I decided to try something different and slung a boat off the port side. I am not totally pleased with the result but after cutting it loose and redoing it three times I decided to leave well enough alone. Please leave me comments on how it looks or how it could be improved. Any ideas are welcome. Here are photos of the build.

The kit

Preparing the base and setting the hull

The hull is complete

Setting the masts

Mounting the sails

Painting the base. I decided to do bases for the two frigates waiting in the shipyard while I was at it.

Standing rigging complete

Base glossed and complete
 The finished ship: (Taken without flash)

With flash (can't decide which is better)

Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for looking.