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Building Weathertop From Scratch

I decided to try my hand at building weathertop using the Hirst Arts Ruined Tower Mold #65  I love these molds. Here is a pictorial sequence of construction.

Here are some more pics I took with some old LOR figures:


Scooby Drew said...

That is really impressive!!! I intend to collect and paint the miniatures to play a Weathertop scenario in 2016. I have very limited experience making terrain and hope to take a shot at a very simple Weathertop. Yours is a masterpiece! What did you make the hill itself out of?

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

The hill is just stacked styrofoam packing sheets glued together then carved. That's what I do all of my terrain pieces with. In this particular model I used some old silicone rock molds I had with some aerosol expanding foam weather selant. I just sprayed the foam into the molds then slapped them onto the carved styrofoam in different spots. Then covered the other spots with Celluclay and sculpted before too dry. It really is easier than it sounds.