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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Black Seas Brig Bash

 After seeing what several other folks have done with all of the extra brigs that Warlord Games includes with it's squadron packs, I decided to try my hand at creating something else from two of the brigs. What I came up with is a 22 gun corvette and a 12 gun naval cutter.

Standard brig below with new corvette and cutter above

With scratch masts set in place to prime

Standing rigging done on the two bash ships

Finished brig, corvette and cutter

With scratch clear acrylic bases I'm experimenting on.

Here are photos of the individual ships:

The Cutter

The Corvette

Black Seas Royal Navy Brig

 This is a typical Warlord Games Black Seas brig modeled for the Royal Navy. The plastic spars were cut away from the masts and new spars were mounted properly in front of the masts.