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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Langton Ship Rigged Xebec Frigate

I finally got around to building the xebec frigate. Thank you again Rob Eubank for the small frigate sail set to go with it. I made the lateen driver because none of the lateen sail set sails were the size I wanted. This Langton model is supposed to be 32 guns, but I only count 26 guns and ports total. All of the paintings and drawings I could find of this type of rigged xebec show a single bowsprit without jib boom and much shorter than the sprit plus jib boom in the SF sail set, so I made one. None show any spritsail yard and sail. The drawings and definition of poleacres show the masts as single poles except for the mizzen which is two pieces. I opted to use the SF set masts. Anyway here are some photos of my version. There is just something about the lines of a xebec that I like. They look so cool! Hope you like. 


Paul Howes said...

Did they have Bow and Stern guns like most other ships of her class?
As it turned out looking rather cool ,i would call it a success!Well Done. BB

A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Hi BB,
Not sure about the bow & stern guns. I was going for the El Gamo that Cochrane's little 14 gun brig sloop HMS Speedy took March 19, 1801. The El Gama had 32 guns: 8, 12 & 24 pounders to Speedy's little 4 pounders.