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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Lindberg 1:144 Caravel Pinta

Happy Thanksgiving Holidays to all my Yank friends. I hope you all get to stuff yourselves to your hearts content! I know I plan to.

While completing another home project and starting a new one, I have been taking an hour here and there in the evenings to work on the second of the Lindberg Ships of Columbus pack, the Pinta. This one is also a typical caravel although somewhat larger than the Nina. Again the four cannon with the pack are much too small and the wrong century, so I made four more late 15th century bombards and a couple of small swivel Falconets. Also, like the Nina, I cut the hull to waterline and then finished the bottom and mounted it to the stand so I can set the model on it for full hull display. The gap is a bit distracting but if you don't inspect it to closely, it doesn't look too bad.

Sorry for the poor quality photos. The camera on my J7 Samsung is nowhere near as nice as the one on my old Note.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Happy Halloween 2019

Another Halloween has come and gone and my two artistic girls did their annual Jack a lanterns.
The oldest decided on an Edgar Allan Poe theme this year:

The youngest painted hers:

Halloween has always been a big deal in our family, one of our favorite holidays. My wife always puts up decorations and our girls always dress up. This year the youngest had to work so she missed out. But the oldest was a Viking!