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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Pyro USS Constitution

It has been a while since I posted a build. This is a Pyro vintage kit I bought on e-bay last year. At waterline the model is 4-1/2 inches. The Constitution was 175 feet at waterline making this model actually 1:467 scale.

I cut the hull side pieces down to waterline prior to assembling. I also saved the lower hull for later.
I cut the flag off of the Main T'gallant because it was pointed stern-wards against the wind (why do manufacturers make this silly mistake?) The model comes with spars only so I made the sails from the same pencil art paper I make all my sails with.

There weren't enough cannon to place two chasers at the stern so I used Super Sculpy to make a mold of the cannon that came with the model, then made more guns.

 I had to make a jig out of an old debit card to make the ratlines.

The blocks are made from small painted beads I found at Hobby Lobby.
Here she is.

With Langton 1:1200 Constitution

Set on the bottom hull section for display