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Monday, June 12, 2017

Banned From TMP

Another blogger friend jmilesr "Lair of the Ubber Geek" had a post with a similar title a few days ago. It seems he got sucked into a divisive trolling thread initiated by the Editor of The Miniatures Page Bill Armintrout. There were actually two threads, one on the Wargaming in the UK board entitled Wargaming: "A British Hobby?", and one on the Wargaming in the US board with the title "Arrogant America  Gamers" Regardless of the titles, both threads were an attempt by Armintrout to get support for his contention that British gamers are arrogant and intolerant of anyone not British. I followed the links to both of these threads and was stunned. I would not have believed the Editor would do something like this. There were almost as many "deleted" post as there were remaining posts. The overwhelming consensus of response was that the complaints the Editor outlined did not in fact exist, on either shore of the Atlantic. Many accused him of baiting and trolling, stirring the pot, etc. The more adamant comments disagreeing with Armintrout are being deleted by him. The more persistent comments trying to speak reason and calling for him to end such divisive threads are being banned from TMP, like jmilesr and now myself. It is almost like the man has been possessed by some demon. What he is doing is nothing short of evil. Many good folks who contribute a lot to our miniatures community are being stifled and banned from TMP. Well it is his website and he can live with what is left of it after he drives his advertisers and membership away. There are other websites with more civil editors I am told.

Knowing I was likely to get myself 86'd for civilly disagreeing with him, I quickly posted on the Age of Sail board a goodbye to all of my friends with a parting suggestion that they all peruse the two divisive threads for their own education about the Editor. but Armintrout deleted it and locked my account before anyone could read it.

So now this blog is it for communication, until I find another suitable forum to post to. There is still the SOG Anchorage site though it is limited to mostly Sails of Glory fans of which I am not, but they are all really good people, from all over the world I might add, no National arrogance, no ethnic stuffiness Mr. Armintrout!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Revell 1:450 Spanish Galleon

I just finished Revell's 1:450 Spanish Galleon Plastic Model. This is a nice little model, miles better than the Pyro BonHomme Richard I built a while back. The first thing I did was cut the hull down to waterline. Then I cut a balsa wood insert to fit the hull for some strength support and glued it in place. I made some modifications like deck grating, stern and inner deck rails that did not come on the model but were pictured on the box art. I installed a mizzen yard and flag pole extensions for each mast. I haven't figured what to use for a base yet, or if I even need one. A base would probably protect the weak oars, so I will most likely make one.

Comparison to my 1:1200 ships