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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Two & Three Decker at Anchor in 1:1200 Port

Here are the 74 and 100 gun ship I finished today for the port. The hulls are GHQ. The masts are scratch built from card & diferent sizes of piano wire. The spars are tie wire.

 Ship's boat along side the 74.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Scratchbuilt Merchant Vessel for 1:1200 Port

I'vw been working on a merchant vessel to anchor in the port. I didn't want to use the Langton model I have since it is full sail so, using it as a model, I made a plaster hull. The masts, sprit, and spars are piano and tie wire. I think it turned out OK.

Next on the list is a couple of 74's at anchor in the outer breaks.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1:1200 Port Update

I finally got around to repairing the orientation error I made on the construction hulks. They are now positioned stern out.
I have also put a barracks building and flag pole in the fort.

Now I want to start populating the port with ships at anchor and loading with supplies.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

1/1200 French Port

My latest winter project is a 1/1200 scale port for use with the Langton and GHQ fleets. I have been thinking about this for sometime now, ever since Miles at posted his port. I ordered some Langton buildings, dock, break water, fort, and slipway from Waterloo Minis. The service was excellent, as always. Then I was out in the shop one day and noticed some laminate flooring scrap, the kind that snaps together. I thought 'Wow, this could be great for snap together terrain modules. Each piece is 7.5 inches wide. So I cut two pieces 16 inches long and snapped them together to make rectangle 16"X15". I brought it back to the Hobby Room and painted it Navy Blue to see how it looked. Hmmm....not too bad! The next step was to break out the Langton stuff and start painting. As soon as the prelim coats were on I tried some layouts to see how it would look. I had an old foam 10 MM hill terrain pece I threw on for an island mockup for the fort.
Then I set in some ships to see how that looked.

Once somewhat satisfied, I broke out the hot knife and carved some side hills and the island.

Then the texturing with common houshold spackle

I set the dock and slipway in to make sure it still fit.
Because I chose to add the hill on both sides to simulate the mouth of a narrow valley (much of the south French coast is made up of narrow valleys opening onto the sea), I had to drop out some buildings and the cathedral. So I had to experiment some more with the town layout.

Now it was time to separate the two sections so I could work with them easier on the desk.

The Island and fort.

I decided to make some trees. I cut some pieces of strand wire, removed about half of the insulation then tightly twisted the strands. I then dipped them in PVA glue and let them dry. Then I removed the rest of the insulation and shaped the strands into limbs. I twisted the 'trunks' a bit to simulate the wind blowing constantly from the sea.

Next I painted the trees biege brown.

Next dab a little glue to the limbs and dip them in some flock.

Then I set the trees in and added a little detail to the water.

I set this section aside to dry and moved on to the town and dock section.
Setting the trees.

While that one was drying I painted the sea on the fort section with Gloss Mod Podge.
Then I glossed the town section. After they were dry I started adding some texture to the breakers using demensional silicone. Here are the results.

After all the details were done, I went over the water again with Americana Triple Thick Gloss Glaze. Then I snapped the two sections together. Here are some finished photos. Note I still have some unpainted ships setting in the harbor that I will get to later. The first will be a partially completed 74 in the pen next to the two ships on the slipways. Also some French flags flying over the fort and town. You will note that I ended with a simpler breakwater shape than I began with.
Small boat for the fort garrison.

I hope you enjoyed this and I would really appreciate any comments, critiques or suggestions. Thanks for looking.

I finished the nearly completed 74 next to the slipways.