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Friday, October 30, 2015

Tired of Square Riggers - Langton Lateen Barque

I sort of grew tired of building square riggers. I had been looking at some of the more unusual models I have stored away for rainy days and pulled out three, a barque, a lugger, and a small xebec/felucca.

I decided to build Langton's lateen barque first. I love the hull on this one, so much nice decorative detail. I was reluctant to drill the sides for later rigging, so that later rigging turned out to be a bitch. I didn't have any brushes on hand with the right weight bristles so I had to improvise a lot. I pulled it all apart and redid the sails and rigging twice. This little barque is 20 guns plus two chasers for a total of 22. There is not much I could find on this style of barque. One close picture called it a Mediterranean Barque, and that is the only illustration I could find.

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