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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Revell 1:450 Spanish Galleon

I just finished Revell's 1:450 Spanish Galleon Plastic Model. This is a nice little model, miles better than the Pyro BonHomme Richard I built a while back. The first thing I did was cut the hull down to waterline. Then I cut a balsa wood insert to fit the hull for some strength support and glued it in place. I made some modifications like deck grating, stern and inner deck rails that did not come on the model but were pictured on the box art. I installed a mizzen yard and flag pole extensions for each mast. I haven't figured what to use for a base yet, or if I even need one. A base would probably protect the weak oars, so I will most likely make one.

Comparison to my 1:1200 ships


Willie Anderson said...

Top work would love one of these for my 28mm figures.


A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Thanks Willie. I just perused your very impressive collection. How in the world do you find room for all of it? Your Malta harbor diorama alone looks huge.
Many regards,

El Grego said...


A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Thank you Greg

El Grego said...

Thanks for the comment on my other blog - appreciate it.

L.R. said...

This kit the former Heller « galion espagnol »

Granny said...

I have one of these, unopened and needing a home.