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Saturday, January 31, 2015

GHQ Boyne Class HMS Prince of Wales 98 Gun 2nd Rate SOL

Here is the next ship in my growing British fleet. This is the GHQ HMS Boyne model. The Boyne however, was not in any large engagements. Therefore I have modeled it as another ship in the Boyne class, HMS Prince of Wales. Prince of Wales was launched on July 28, 1794 at Portsmouth and was broken up in 1822. The Prince of Wales took part in the 1795 battle of Ile Groix and was Vice-Admiral Robert Calder's flagship in the 2nd  battle of Cape Finisterre in July of 1805. She was not present at the battle of Trafalgar, being recalled to England the middle of October, just missing the battle. Nelson had been ordered to send Calder home to face a court-marshal for his conduct at Cape Finisterre. Nelson allowed him to return in his flagship. As the flagship of Admiral James Gambier Prince of Wales, along with 38 other vessels, took part in the bombardment of Copenhagen and capture of the Danish fleet in 1807.

Length at gun deck 182'3"; Beam 50'4.5"; Depth of Hold 21'9"; Tons Burthen 2024; Crew compliment 750 men and boys.

Lower gun deck: 28 x 32 pounders
Middle gun deck: 30 x 18 pounders
Upper gun deck: 30 x 12 pounders
Quarter deck: 8 x 12 pounders
Forecastle: 2 x 12 pounders
Total Broadside Weight: 958 Imperial Pounds

I have one more 1st rate and one more 2nd rate SOL to do, then I will work on some more 74 and 64 gun 3rd rates.


Nic said...

Wow but that's impressive!

Phil said...

Absolutly beautiful, great details!